Katy Perry Will Wear A Catsuit Designed By The Blonds On Her Prismatic Tour

Katy Perry

The Blonds for Katy Perry's Prismatic World Tour.
Photo: @katyperry Instagram

Slow your roll, Katy Perry. We can't keep up with all these Prismatic Tour outfits. Katy just added another look to expect, this time from The Blonds, and whoa, this isn't just an outfit, it's a straight-up glamorous cat costume. It's also very similar to a number of the looks that the designing duo sent down the runway at their Gotham City- and Catwoman-inspired Fall 2014 show.

She also mysteriously refers to a "CAT-OUR section" of the show, which we think means, like, cat-themed couture? Katy must know we are very into pet fashion.

Though we don't fully know what this pink leopard-print catsuit will look like on stage, this isn't the first time Katy has worn a full-body, cat-themed suit. She wore a pink and purple one in the ad for her first fragrance, Purr, so it's definitely a silhouette she's familiar with. We thought the costume-wearing Katy Perry of our past was lost when she burned her "California Gurls" wig, but we were wrong. We're happy to have her back, TBH.

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