Get The Look: Rihanna's Pineapple-Print Sweatsuit


Get Rihanna's pineapple print.
Photo: Splash News/Zoe Karssen

Mondays are the worst. It's just a fact of life. But you know what would make them better? Rolling up everywhere you need to be in SWEATS. Enter Rihanna as your resident cozy girl style inspiration. We were already stoked on this “Lovers” sleeveless gray sweatshirt she wore a couple of weeks ago that she paired with some relaxed-fit jeans, but she did sweats again this weekend in NYC, dare I say, even better. And this being Rihanna, you already know they weren’t basic. #nobasic[sweats]zone

Designed by Zoe Karssen, Rihanna’s lounge fit is literally called “Paradise.” The tropical outfit comes printed with pineapples and waves and the top says Cote D’Azur. Best of all, while the perfectly tone-matched Chanel clutch she paired it with doesn’t run cheap, the sweatsuit is within reach, priced at $150 for each piece. That’s pretty much a steal when you think of all the places you can wear it: the dentist, the grocery store, a Pineapple Express viewing party, the club—if Rihanna dresses up a sweatsuit, so can you.

As you can probably tell, Rihanna cropped her sweatshirt with a pair of scissors to show off her insane abs. Try that at home at your own risk.

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