Rihanna Gets Two Covers For ‘Vogue Brazil’

One of Rihanna’s ’Vogue Brazil’ covers.
Photo: @badgalriri Instagram

Earlier this week, Vogue Brazil posted the first of the photos from its shoot with Rihanna in Brazil. She was topless and presumably doing dishes in a lot of jewelry. There was a leaked topless cover floating around as well, but it turns out, it wasn’t the cover. It was neither of the covers. That’s right, there are two.

The first features Rih in a plunging gold dress and arms full of gold bracelets and cuffs. She has the wet hair trend going, though considering the shoot’s beach location, it seems fully plausible that her hair just got wet and since it looks perfect, they decided to keep it that way.

One of Rihanna’s ’Vogue Brazil’ covers.
Photo: @badgalriri Instagram

The second cover features even wetter hair and even bigger gold hoops. The tight shot features, at least from the mid-arms up, a topless Rihanna looking very post-shower glam. I bet Rihanna puts lipstick on the second she gets out of the shower. I would too if this is what I looked like, TBH.

Rihanna for ’Vogue Brazil.’
Photo: Vogue Brazil

In addition to the covers, Vogue Brazil also shared a photo from the spread, which features Rihanna in nothing but a gold bikini bottom, a printed headscarf, approximately one billion bangles, and skinny gold hoops. While they’re not the biggest hoops Rihanna has ever worn, they’re definitely up there.

The magazine hits newsstands on April 28, and we are hoping Vogue Brazil will put the rest of the images on its website and reveal how many bracelets RiRi wore. I’ll take bets.

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