Three Complete Prom Outfits For Under $100

Throughout the past couple of weeks we’ve been talkin’ about prom. We’ve shown you dresses for different price points and rompers and jumpsuits to consider instead of a dress. Sure, finding a prom dress for under $150 is cool, but you know what’s cooler? A billion dresses for $150. JK, it’s finding an entire prom look for $100. Yep, even though it sounds impossible, we’ve found three dress/shoe/bag combinations that not only work together, but are under 100 bones. TOTAL. While there are plenty of expensive dresses out there, you definitely can cop your entire look for less, if you want to. Check out our three fave combos below!

Photo: Forever 21/ASOS/Urban Outfitters

When it comes to prom, tulle is probably the fabric that first comes to mind. Like, LBR, your mind doesn’t immediately go to cotton when the word prom is uttered. This dress ($22.80) reverses typical prom dress styles with a layer of tulle on the outside of the skirt. Throw on a leather jacket you already own and pair it with metallic silver shoes ($47.04) and a small clutch ($19.99) and you’re good to go.

TOTAL: $86.83

Photo: Forever 21/ASOS

If you’re in the market for a simpler silhouette, this red dress features a sweetheart neckline in the front, but a very open back ($22.80). While keeping with the simple aesthetic, but adding a little oomph to the overall look, we paired it with a monochromatic bag ($24.44) and pair of shoes ($47.02). The chunky heel complements the delicate daisy appliqu├ęs on the clutch, rounding out the entire thing.

TOTAL: $84.45

Photo: Forever 21/ASOS

This dress is not simple at all. Between the sequins and mesh panel ($27.80), it’s got a lot going on, which is why we paired it with a simple pair of black sandals ($37.61) and an envelope clutch ($33.87). While the dress may be tricky to incorporate into your everyday wardrobe, the shoes and bag definitely aren’t. An entire outfit for under $100 and one you’ll wear again? Yep. With hard work and a lot of research, it can happen.

TOTAL: $99.28

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