There Are One Direction Shoes Now

One Direction

One Direction shoes because why not.
Photo: @onedirection Twitter

Have your feet been feeling decidedly un-British recently? Do you long to have signatures on your sneakers (sorry) trainers? Are you very, VERY much into One Direction? Well, then, you're in luck—One Direction finally have shoes that fit all of your needs and desires. This morning on Twitter, the One Direction account announced that for the next five weeks they'd be sending a pair to five people who subscribe to their newsletter. Um, do you get to choose whose signature you get? Some people might only be interested in one specific pair, so, like, how do you guarantee you win the blue ones? Asking for a friend. Also, if this is a surprise, how do they obtain your shipping information and shoe size? While I wouldn't throw away a pair of Niall kicks that showed up on my doorstep (size 8.5 U.S. women's, please), I'd be weirded out that the people who run 1D's Twitter somehow found my address.

Any details on the actual shoes, like what brand they are, whether they're for men or women, or if each 1D dude got to pick his color are unknown so far. What we do know, though, is that they're not available in stores. Just yet, I assume. I mean, 1D released a line of prescription glasses, so it's highly doubtful they'll miss an opportunity to enter the sneaker market, right?

That means this might be your only chance to have Zayn's signature on your feet, so I'd sign up for that newsletter if I were you. Updates on your favorite band and the chance to win exclusive swag? Sounds like a no-brainer, TBH.

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