Rompers And Jumpsuits Perfect For Prom

Over the past week we've brought you a bunch of different prom dresses for every price point. Whether you're in the market for something under $150, over $350, or anywhere in between, we've got ya covered. Today, though, we're switching focus to something a bit more exotic, as far as prom wear goes—we're talking jumpsuits and rompers. Since the all-in-one pieces are having ~such a moment~ right now, there are a ton out there. We scoured a few of our fave sites and narrowed down the options into pieces you may actually want to wear in lieu of a dress. Peep them in all their glory below!



Photo: ASOS/Urban Outfitters

If you decide to wear a jumpsuit to prom, chances are you're pretty sartorially courageous. These full-length and solid-color jumpsuits combine the length and elegance of a traditional prom dress, but let you crawl into the back of a limo, no problem. The first option gives you a sparkly top and basic bottom—it looks more like a tucked-in shirt and pants than a one-piece ($103). The second option is black and features flared legs, which gives it a skirt effect ($79). In case you're worried you'll feel all buttoned-up next to your dress-wearing counterparts, fear not—the back on this bad boy is totally open. The third option is strapless and taupe ($122). You'll be able to accessorize with anything because it's so simple. The final option has a full front and back, but it's completely sheer thanks to its lace inserts ($122).



Photo: ASOS/Bloomingdale's

Since lace overlay and sheer elements are so popular on dresses this year, it makes sense that they've popped up on rompers as well. These four options are a little bolder than the ones above—I mean, wearing shorts to prom is daring—but are similar in style to many of the dresses out there. The first option features a lace front and pockets, which means you'll be able to stock up on appetizers for when they run out ($127). The second features an entire second sheer layer that, TBH, makes it look like you're wearing a fancy shirt and shorts to prom ($103). The third option has lace sleeves and lace down the back, which makes it look extremely delicate, but also extremely airy ($103). It's the perfect combination for stuffy venues. The fourth and final option is pretty pricey—especially for a romper—but also worth it, IMHO ($430). If you're looking for a romper that parades as a dress, this piece is for you.



Photo: Nasty Gal/Topshop

The third group is full of bright and bold choices. The first option is flowy and bright blue and just, like, perfect for someone who is embracing the fact that she's not wearing a dress to prom ($98). The second option includes lace, but doesn't feature it in a starring role ($96). the coral color is unusual, so not only will you be wearing shorts, you'll be in an enviable color. The final piece is bright red, tailored, and tapered—everyone will know this is a jumpsuit, not a dress ($120). Good luck shopping, y'all! Let us know if you wear a romper or jumpsuit instead of a dress!

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