Ariana Grande Is Totally Having A Nancy Sinatra Moment

Ariana Grande

"No pants, no problem" - The White House (probably)
Photo: Splash News

Ariana Grande is no stranger to evocative fashion, but her personal style has taken on a VERY sultry edge as of late. The pop star has traded in her side ponytails and A-line skirts for go-go boots and big hair. On Monday (April 21), she performed at the 136th Annual White House Easter Egg Roll in an oversized purple sweater and white knee-high boots that would make Nancy Sinatra very proud. In fact, Grande's whole steez as of late is giving us major flash backs to the woman whose boots were made for walking.

Nancy Sinatra

Bang bang, amirite?
Photo: Getty Images

Yep, that outfit isn't just significant to us because she wore it to meet Jim Carrey (and subsequently freaked out about it). Nor is it just because we respect her bold move to go sans pants to the President's house. Land of the free, y'all! It's because we're pretty sure she's morphing into a 2014 Nancy Sinatra (in pint-sized form).

Ariana Grande

Photo: @arianagrande's Instagram

Ariana has been teasing her new look on Instagram for weeks now in promotion of her upcoming single "Problem," featuring Iggy Azalea. The single's cover artwork features Ariana chilling in a lacy camisole and white thigh-highs, and the rest of the promo photos are equally mod-tastic. We're talking big sunglasses, checkered minidresses, and crazy bold eyelashes. If these teaser pics are any indication of what the "Problem" video will have in store, then we prematurely approve. Iggy and Ariana in matching go-go boots? Yes, please!

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