In Your Face: Annamarie Tendler Explores Antiperspirant Alternatives

In Your Face: Antiperspirant Alternatives

Sweating is kind of a bummer. Unfortunately I do it all the time. Like when a stranger approaches me on the street to ask a simple question, or when I watch celebrities give awkward and embarrassing speeches at award shows. Or how about last week, when I sweat profusely through my wedding dress fitting, endlessly apologizing to the seamstress, while facing the hard reality of how much I will inevitably sweat during the wedding itself. Pretty cool life moment for me, but hey, it could have been worse. I could have been sweating AND smelled bad. Luckily, in fifth grade, I learned the importance of deodorant, so as much as I sweat, I usually never smell. Usually.

Most of my life, I used deodorant without antiperspirant. Then a few years ago, I noticed that this product ceased to exist. There was only deodorant with antiperspirant available, so begrudgingly I switched, knowing deep down that any item that blocks your sweat glands can't be healthy in the long run. Turns out I was right! Though there are varying test results and I'm not technically a scientist, ingredients in antiperspirant, like aluminum and parabens, have been linked to breast cancer and Alzheimer's disease. I'd like to avoid both of these if possible, so I went out in search of a better alternative.

Funny thing I discovered: Men's deodorant can be found without antiperspirant. Why is that? Seems pretty sexist if you ask me. Men at least get the option for a product without aluminum. It's just assumed that women would rather risk their health than sweat a little because... What? It's not ladylike? This is part of a much larger social issue I'll be discussing later today on my soap box in Times Square. In the meantime, I'll be wearing my new fave men's deodorant, which smells delicious and boosts my self esteem with pro-dude affirmations printed on the container, like "Take On the Day, Wild Man!" Thank you, I will.

On my quest, I also explore hard-hitting deodorant issues, like how hippies might be onto something with certain products, but definitely not onto anything with others.

Watch and see, the results will astound you.

Annamarie Tendler is a makeup artist, investigative reporter for MTV Style, and author of the forthcoming makeup book The Daily Face, due in stores Fall 2014.

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