What Did Rita Ora Say She Would Swipe From Prince's Closet?

Rita Ora, Prince

What would Rita Ora steal from Prince's closet?
Photo: MTV/Getty Images

From the moment we read in Rita Ora's interview (with bestie Nick Grimshaw) for Paper magazine that Prince assisted with her forthcoming sophomore album, we've been OBSESSED with this idea of His Royal Badness letting her play dress-up in his closet à la that Super Bowl episode of New Girl. Naturally, we HAD to slip this question into her MTV Twitter Takeover today (Monday, April 21): If you could steal one thing from Prince's closet, what would it be? We ask the hard-hitting Qs around here, y'all.

Rather than a matching pant suit or that ruffled, sateen "Purple Rain" getup, Rita went straight for the accessories. She'd cop a pair of the Purple One's heels, as he's famous for wearing on and off stage, and his entire necklace collection. Hold on, girl, we said one thing! (JK, I'd definitely go Bling Ring on his closet, too, if I had the opportunity.)

Rita went on to answer a few more fashion-related questions for her Twitter Takeover, revealing to her RitaBots that even though the temperatures are (finally!) starting to pick up, she's all about leather at the moment. Bring on another season of warm-weather leather, bbs!

It's no wonder brands like DKNY, Material Girl, and Rimmel are clamoring to have Rita rep their products. She ~basically~ launched a consumer-driven social media campaign with this tweet—that is, if all her fans follow suit and buy something she's wearing in an ad and take a pic next to it. Free ideas from a consummate businesswoman. Take notes.

Finally, the all-important, always-difficult question to answer: sneakers or heels? Ultimate, Rita sides with #TeamSneakers (makes sense), but of course, we know she'd make exceptions if those heels belonged to His Royal Badness.


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