Adam Lambert Debuts White Hair

Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert's new 'do.
Photo: @adamlambert Instagram

Uh, has Adam Lambert been hanging around with Rihanna? Because he’s quickly on his way to becoming her male hair-chameleon counterpart. Only a few days after the singer debuted a Katy Perry-esque green hue, Adam’s onto the next–white hair. He captioned his car selfie “White Hair Don’t Care,” which, if you remember, was the very same caption he used when he posted his green 'do. You can't just "not care" about your hair but constantly change it, Adam! Which color do you care about? For now I feel safe betting on white. Tomorrow could be a different story.

Either way, we are 100% behind this new look. A white dye job hasn’t looked this good since Halle Berry championed it as Storm in X-Men. Of course, Anderson Cooper might try to take credit for this look's growing popularity, but the natural white-haired look doesn’t really compare to the intentional one, which has a sort of cool irreverence.

We don’t want to get too attached to Adam’s new hair though, because who knows how long it will last. If and/or when Adam gets bored with the whole monotone dye job, we recommend he try out Kesha’s approach: every color under the sun at once! "Rainbow hair don't care" has a nice ring to it, IMHO.

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