5 Things We Learned From Sky Ferreira's 'New York Times' Interview

Sky Ferreira

Sky Ferreira for 'The New York Times.'
Photo: The New York Times

Sky Ferreira is as relatable as pop stars get. Case in point: Her latest single, “I Blame Myself” is all about owning up to your personal failures. The video premiered yesterday and is fully shoppable—you can check out every single thing Sky wears in the video. Sky recently sat down with the New York Times and pretty much confirmed that she’s someone who you want to be best friends with. The Bangerz Tour opener talked about everything from working with Miley to her many modeling stints and her debut album, Night Time, My Time. There are too many fascinating quotes to choose from, so we rounded up some of her best moments. Enjoy!

1.) Even pop stars have trouble affording Saint Laurent: “I have a 50 percent discount [on Saint Laurent] worldwide. It’s pretty expensive, though. On tour I have to use my business card for everything, like gas, but I also buy my clothes on it. I go there and it gets rejected, and I’m like, ‘Oh, my God, this is embarrassing.’ I didn’t tell them my name until she was like, ‘You’re Sky, you’re in the ads.’ And I said, ‘This isn’t working right now, I’ll come back in an hour. I swear there’s money in there.’”

2.) The key to Riccardo Tisci’s heart is wearing a pair of combat boots with his designs: “Everybody was freaking out that I was going to offend him, because Riccardo chooses the outfit and no one’s going to change what he does. But I didn’t know that, and then that’s how he ended up liking me, ironically.”

3.) Short girls stick together in the modeling world, especially Charlotte Free, Cara Delevingne, and Georgia May Jagger: “I’m like five-seven and everyone was 10 times taller than me. We were the dwarfs of the show.”

4.) She's not an "It" Girl: “I used to be a lot more bothered by it, because when people think of It girls, they don’t think of people with jobs. They just think of socialites or someone who doesn’t really do anything. I’m not just going to events and hanging out with cool people, you know? I work every day. I’m in a van with 10 guys traveling the country.”

5.) Going topless on her album cover was never supposed to be sexy: “I don’t find it a big deal, personally. I don’t think there is a rule book on being a feminist, but there are lots of people that will go back and forth about me being naked on my album cover. I read something so ridiculous: ‘She took off her top for record sales?’ You know what sells records at Walmart? Girls with pretty faces, cropped, and being nonoffensive. That’s what sells. Not someone who looks like they’re about to stab someone, naked in the shower.”

{Via The New York Times}

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