Kristen Stewart Dyed Her Hair Bright Red

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart with her red and orange hair.
Photo: Splash News/@maisondecheveux Instagram

Last week Kristen Stewart dyed her hair orange. Or, at least, we thought she did. It turns out her orange hair was merely one step in a multi-step process to get fiery red hair. K.Stew was spotted on set for American Ultra with her bright red 'do and, at least from the candid photos, it looks like she's enjoying life as a redhead. It's probably hard to look sad when your hair is, like, as bright as it's ever going to be.

Like Katy Perry and her green hair, Kristen's naturally dark color isn't totally gone—it lives in inch-long roots at the top of her head. This new trend of having dark roots even though your hair is freshly dyed is one I can fully get behind—no one will know if your 'do is new or four months old. I'd like to live like that. So mysterious.

What Kristen will do with her hair after filming wraps is the major question. Will she dye it back to brown like Demi Lovato? Cut it all off like Jennifer Lawrence? Or maybe she'll like the red-and-roots combo so much she'll keep it forever. That is, of course, assuming she doesn't dye it blue next week. At this point I don't know what to expect—hair-dye fever is going around, big time.

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