What Headgear Will Harry Styles Wear In The ‘You & I’ Video?

We’ve kept track of what Harry Styles wears on his heads for a long time around these parts. I keep an updated list of every hat, headband, or mask that touches his flowing brown curls—that’s not for work, BTW, just more of a personal thing. Anyway. While his luscious locks usually fly free in One Direction’s music videos, it looks like his headgear collection may have infiltrated the video for “You & I.”

In case you weren’t aware, there’s a new 1D video dropping tomorrow. The band has been teasing the video—Harry’s clip went up today and within 10 seconds he has three different things on his head.

Head accessory #1.
Photo: @onedirection Instagram

There’s the furry hat that he pairs with a shearling-lined coat.

Head accessory #2.
Photo: @onedirection Instagram

There’s a scarf as a headband, which, at this point, is common for Harry.

Head accessory #3.
Photo: @onedirection Instagram

And then there’s this. Normally a ponytail wouldn’t constitute an “accessory,” but when it looks like this, it does. This li’l guy has a mind of his own—he’s sticking up straight and, like, totally not involved with the curls on the side of his head. I really hope this look was just for off-camera. Please, Harry.

Whether any of these ~lewks~ made the final cut will be revealed tomorrow when the “You & I” video finally drops. You can be sure we’ll keep you updated—Harry’s headgear is very important to us.


Embedded from instagram.com.

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