Adam Lambert Or Katy Perry: Who Wore Green Hair Better?

Adam Lambert, Katy Perry

Adam Lambert follows Katy Perry's green hair lead.
Photo: @adamlambert Instagram/Getty Images

Do Adam Lambert and Katy Perry drink water from the same source? Is there something in the water? What other explanation is there for why two people decided to dye their hair green in the same week? I honestly can't think of any. Oh, maybe because it looks good? That could be it.

Adam Lambert debuted his new 'do on Instagram, captioning the photo, "Green hair don't care." I think you do care, Adam. I'd care if I could pull off green hair. Adam really went for it, even dyeing the closely shaved sides of his head. While it's hard to tell what shade of green his hair actually is (thanks, Instagram filters), it looks like it's a pretty dark shade.

We experienced the same Instagram issue with Katy Perry last week when she introduced us to her green hair. While she was calling it "slime green," her filter choice really washed it out. Luckily, when she showed up to an event later that night, we were able to see how vibrant it really is. Unlike Adam, Katy didn't dye all of her hair, opting instead to leave her roots and new-ish bangs totally dark. The roots keep us from thinking she's a natural green head. JK, her natural hair color is blue. Duh.

Two stars. Two heads of green hair. Whose new hair do you prefer: Adam Lambert's or Katy Perry's?

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