Sky Ferreira Releasing Shoppable Music Video

Sky Ferreira

Sky Ferreira on set for 'I Blame Myself.'
Photos: Ssense

Are shoppable music videos the wave of the future? Some people might think that. OK, it's me—I think that. Considering the blurring divide between editorial and commerce, and fashion and music, the video genre seems primed to take off. There’s also the fact that music videos are really expensive and, as they’ve become more and more about the clothing, getting killer looks for them can be a budgetary hurdle, especially if you’re an emerging artist without designers lining up to loan you looks.

Online retailer Ssense is making a case for the shoppable music video, along with their partner System magazine. First they teamed up with Iggy Azalea when she was a wee spitfire back in 2012 on the video for “I Think She Ready.” (As we noted last week when her Revolve campaign was announced, Iggy is kind of a pioneer in this realm.) Now, they’re working with another artist at the forefront of the intersection of music and fashion, Sky Ferreira, on the video for her new single “I Blame Myself.”

Sky is probably one of the most fitting musicians Ssense and System could have gotten for this project considering the singer stars as a model in campaigns ranging from Saint Laurent to Forever 21. Appropriately, Sky will wear clothes from the Hedi Slimane-helmed fashion house and pieces from Balmain, which you’ll be able to purchase from Ssense as you watch—if you've got deep pockets, that is. From the looks of the teaser and photos from set, Sky will be in Saint Laurent’s lipstick-print dress and Balmain’s Chanel-esque black-and-white miniskirt. Maybe there will be a few more wallet-friendly pieces thrown in? We can hope for now, but we’ll know for sure April 16, when the full video drops.


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