Katy Perry, Kid Cudi, And More At Coachella 2014

Here at MTV Style we get really excited when the worlds of music and fashion meet, so Coachella is like a homecoming of sorts, where everyone tries a little harder and flaunts their style, whether they’re turning up their usual look or testing out some riskier #FASHUN. With a star-studded lineup and killer surprise guest list, it’s safe to say that this year Coachella had some of its most eye-catching moments yet—and this was only Weekend One.


Katy Perry at Coachella 2014.
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Katy Perry didn’t perform but she was (easily) spotted around the festival all weekend long—who could miss her with that new slime-green hair? Obv, Katy didn’t wear a flower crown; she already had a lot going on in the hair department. Katy showed that her green ’do is actually more versatile than you’d think, pairing it with a very ladylike black-and-white ensemble and a turquoise pencil skirt and matching crop top.


Katy Perry and Dev Hynes at Coachella 2014.
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Dev Hynes, aka Blood Orange, gifted her a blue geranium bouquet, which pretty closely matches the print on her skirt and shirt. Shout out to Dev who was Sunday’s fashion MVP, performing in near-90 degree weather with a leather jacket on. That’s commitment.


Beyonce and Solange at Coachella 2014.
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Surely you know by now, the Knowles sisters won over Coachella on Saturday when they surprise-performed an incredible dance routine (one we have a feeling they’ve been practicing their entire lives). During Solange’s very flawless set, big sister Bey ran onstage and the pair broke it down. Their style was as on-point as their moves, with Beyonce rocking her favorite low-key look—matching separates by Topshop—and Solange wearing a lovely tangerine hued romper. Both wore their hair natural and wildly curly.


Lorde at Coachella 2014.
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Since it was Lorde’s Coachella debut, she went all out, wearing two very different kinds of looks. At one point, she performed in a glammed-out, wizard-y, gold lamé cape. Perhaps it was a nod to her home country, New Zealand, where Lord of the Rings was shot? She then took it off to reveal an all-white getup that could have come from Aaliyah’s closet, which is to say we loved it.


Lana del Rey at Coachella 2014.
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Lana Del Rey’s outfit could have gone in so many festival-worthy directions: a paisley caftan, a ’60s babydoll dress, Americana cutoffs with a leather jacket, etc., etc. Instead, she surprised us all in a more Hawaii- than desert-bound orange dress with a tropical floral print, which she accessorized with a simple gold body chain. Well done, LDR!


Drake at Coachella 2014.
Photo: @wordonrd Instagram

No, your eyes do not deceive you. That is Drake on a Coachella stage. Though he wasn’t on the bill, Drake showed up to support rising R&B singer Jhene Aiko and perform “From Time,” the track they recorded together for Nothing Was the Same. Only Drake would attempt to wear all-white in the middle of a sandstorm—complete with Timbs—and only Drake could pull it off.


Jared Leto at Coachella 2014.
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Has it been said before that Jared Leto is the male Vanessa Hudgens of festival style? Because that’s exactly the part he dressed for this weekend at Coachella. Jared let his long ombre hair flow as he walked throughout the fest in a pair of zebra-print skinny jeans and muscle tee with a plaid shirt tied around his waist and, earlier, a Hawaiian shirt, undone boots, baggy jeans, and a denim shirt tied around his waist. You do you, Jared.


Vanessa Hudgens at Coachella 2014.
Photo: Splash News

The real Vanessa Hudgens of course brought her over-the-top festival style A-game—and totally owned it. Her best look? A pair of coin-draped booties with a very boho dress, flea market jewelry that probably costs as much as a car, and a wide brimmed hat to top it off. It wouldn’t be Coachella without her.


Ellie Goulding at Coachella 2014.
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Ellie Goulding managed to avoid any festival cliches, opting for an all-black ensemble you can probably find a similar version of at Nasty Gal. Her high-waisted shorts and cage bra gave her a v. strong (but stylish) look. And TBH, strength is very necessary quality when endeavoring to pull off leather in the desert heat.


Rita Ora at Coachella 2014.
Photo: @ritaora Instagram

Rita Ora left her Adidas gear at home this time and got into the festival spirit, going with what we’re going to call a Boho Black Widow Look™. Ora wore a crocheted black maxi dress with a big ol’ hat that still couldn’t downplay her bubbly personality.


Pharrell at Coachella 2014.
Photo: Getty Images

Poor Pharrell. He might have had the zaniest outfit of the day and hardly anybody at the festival could see it due to an insane swirling of dust and sand in the air. Pharrell obviously wore his hat—because at this point it’s probably crazy-glued to his head—and a pair of shorts that may or may not have been in his closet since elementary school. #fingerpaints But we love it! Pharrell in shorts = gold every time and everything about his outfit screamed “Happy.”


Kid Cudi at Coachella 2014.
Photo: Getty Images

Kid Cudi, however, took a fashion risk and the jury’s still out on whether or not it paid off. The rapper wore exposed BAPE underwear, a gold necklace that looks sort of like a bolo tie, and the pièce de résistance, a crop top! Lest you’ve forgotten (or are a tiny baby child who was just born in the past 10 years), there’s a sizable history of dudes wearing crop tops, our favorite of which belonged to Alex Winter, who played Bill in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. AND we’ve seen the silhouette—erm—cropping up for at least a year now. Maybe Cudi’s just the first of a new wave of dudes bringing the steez back as IRL wear.

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