Eminem And Rihanna Wear Matching Bomber Jackets For 'Monster' Movie Awards Performance

MTV Movie Awards 2014, Rihanna, Eminem

Rihanna and Eminem performing at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards.
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Did Eminem and Rihanna nail their live performance of "Monster," or what? The duo sounded amazing (natch) on the MTV Movie Awards stage, but they also totally brought it in the fashion department. TBH, we let out a little collective squeal of delight when we saw that they decided to mimic their musical chemistry with matching satin bomber jackets—just as besties should! The sheen on Eminem's olive number gave it a polished finish, and Rih was his perfect counterpoint in white.

MTV Movie Awards 2014

Rihanna performing at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards and a model at V-Files Fall 2014 New York Fashion Week Show.
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But let's get to the REAL question on everyone's mind right now...is Rihanna going for a sleepover theme with her MTV Movie Awards fashion tonight? She DID show up on the red carpet in a white satin robe. And when she stepped into the spotlight for her performance, it soooooort of looked like she was wearing a sleep mask. As awesome as slumber party-inspired wardrobe would be, the FEAR accessory is actually a headband—with matching choker—from Hyein Seo. (Sorry folks, put your sleeping bags away.) We first saw the outfit at the VFiles show at New York Fashion Week this year and are totally pumped to see the edgy threads brought to life by Rihanna tonight.

RiRi actually wore another notable Hyein Seo piece—her giant FEAR stole, to be exact—during Paris Fashion Week this year. If the combo of PFW and tonight's MTV Movie Awards performance is a sign of more Hyein+Rihanna collaborations to come, you certainly won't hear any complaints from us.


The Monster (Live) - Rihanna and Eminem


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