Nicki Minaj Goes Very Understated For The 2014 MTV Movie Awards

MTV Movie Awards 2014, Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj casually posing at home.
Photo: @nickiminaj Instagram

Over the last year or so, Nicki Minaj has abandoned her outrageous Harajuku style and rainbow reverie of wigs in favor of more demure, adult garments. While her style chutzpah was something we greatly admired, we cannot overstate how totally HERE FOR HER we are now, as she transitions into a more sophisticated, grown-woman style. And while her silver-screen debut isn't until the forthcoming Cameron Diaz/Leslie Mann/Kate Upton vehicle, The Other Woman, a rom-com that's probably not going to win any Oscars (just a guess), her 2014 MTV Movie Awards look includes so much statuesque, Grecian beauty it's almost like we've glimpsed into her future as an award-winning actress as well as top rapper.

The understated nature of this ensemble cannot be... umm, overstated. Her form-fitting Alexander McQueen gown in ink black emphasizes her bodacious curves, with all manner of gilded cuffs lining her arms, plus gold-coin earrings and a choker fit for a goddess. This is how you look like a million bucks without putting down a million bucks, people. (Well, MAYBE she put down a million bucks, but it's so simple and elegant that you can replicate it for much less.) But it's her beauty look that elevates this whole affair: super-minimal makeup with emphasis on those perfectly arching cat-eye tails and a de rigueur strong brow, with a classic Hollywood, Veronica Lake-style coif.

Don't worry, though: Nicki Minaj is still the Harajuku babe we all know and love. Check that ponytailed statue behind her, an anime sculpture drafted in perfect Minaj pink.

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