Behind The Scenes Of Rita Ora’s MTV Movie Awards Preparations

Photo: MTV/GIF: Jenny Shafei

Last night at the MTV Movie Awards, Rita Ora was responsible for probably our #1 fave show moment. Here’s a hint: muscles. Here’s another hint: Zac Efron. OK, yes, it was when Rita ripped Zac’s shirt off. Snap buttons are the best invention, right? Before she was inches away from Zac’s bare bod, Rita had to get ready for the show, and we snagged some behind-the-scenes photos. Just think, as she was getting her makeup done, she had no idea she’d soon be lauded as a hero. What a world.

So many options.
Photo: Jana Fleishman

While her shoes were ultimately covered by her plunging Barbara Casasola gown, Rita’s brilliant stylist Jason Rembert hooked her up with options. On options. Maybe she just ended up wearing sneakers? We’d never know.

Bling by Lorraine Schwartz.
Photo: Jana Fleishman

Rita wasn’t short on jewelry selects either. With ten Lorraine Schwartz ring options, Rita did what any sane person would do: wear three of them on each hand. As for earrings, she went with the multi-point, throwing star-esque options in the lower right-hand corner.

What will Rita wear?
Photo: Jana Fleishman

It should come as no surprise that for her actual, y’know, outfit, Rita had as many choices as she did for accessories and shoes. While any of these picks would’ve certainly looked incredible, Rita’s black, floor-length gown looked great with the old school glam she pulls off so effortlessly. Plus—who knows?—if she wasn’t wearing such a deeply-cut neckline maybe she wouldn’t have felt like making Zac her bare-chested kin. That would’ve been a travesty, TBH.

For real, how does Rita choose?
Photo: Jana Fleishman

When we saw this collection of clutches yesterday, we knew which one Rita would be carrying. If there’s an Edie Parker “Hold It” clutch as an option, you carry it. Especially if you’re Rita Ora. We couldn’t have guessed what shoes, jewelry, or dress she was gonna wear, but we knew we’d be seeing the words “Hold It” in her hands.

Gettin’ readay.
Photo: Jana Fleishman

And, finally, here’s Rita getting her makeup done. While her makeup artist’s hand is in the way of her lips, we should’ve guessed we’d be seeing a pop of bright red. I’d like to think here, in this photo with here eyes closed, she’s imagining Zac Efron’s abs and realizing the world needs to see them. Thanks, Rita! You were right.


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