There Will Be Puppies In Costumes At The MTV Movie Awards

Oh hi, puppy Alien.
Photo: Heather Zweigel

Not that you needed another reason to watch the MTV Movie Awards today, but, um, there are going to be puppies on the red carpet. In costumes. ICYMI, Tyler Posey, one of tonight’s pre-show hosts, was on the red carpet yesterday hanging out with the fancy pups, and you can see them for yourself via our our behind-the-scenes cameras on All Access Live). Seriously, could anything be better? Designer/genius/wardrobe specialist Heather Zweigel made costumes for the li’l guys—Ron Burgundy’s suit from Anchorman 2, Bilbo’s outfit from The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug, Richie DiMaso’s ’70s suit vest from American Hustle, Alien’s Hawaiian shirt and cornrows from Spring Breakers, and so many more. If you liked seeing Bradley Cooper in a deep-V, imagine how you’ll feel seeing a puppy in one. *heart eyes emoji x’s 100*

Oh hi, puppy Superman.
Photo: Heather Zweigel

We had a chance to chat with Heather about designing for dogs, her favorite costume, and how she reacted when she found out she’d be designing for tiny dog bodies (spoiler alert: She was excited). Click below the jump for her answers, behind-the-scenes deets, and more pictures of puppy movie costumes!

Bilbo Baggins for dogs.
Photo: Heather Zweigel

Heather told us that she had a hand in picking out which dogs would get to wear her designs. Best job ever, maybe? She said, “Being an animal lover, I was quite thrilled [to find out I’d be designing for dogs]…and then, being pomeranian-obsessed, I was even more elated to know that three of the 10 dogs I got to choose from could be poms! I, of course, requested all three.” This isn’t the first time Heather’s designed for dogs, BTW—she once had to fit a Spider-Man mask on a white pomeranian’s face. I’ll cherish that mental image forever.

Oh hi, puppy Ron Burgundy.
Photo: Heather Zweigel

Outfitting one dog is a little different than swagging out a small fleet of puppies; the latter is a much larger feat. “I did my research on each character and tried to recreate their signature look in the film in hopes to create the best portrayal of the role that we could and for dog’s look to be as recognizable as possible—hence the classic burgundy suit that Will Ferrell wore in Anchorman,” Heather said of recreating the iconic outfits for dogs. “I tried to aim as close to the actual style, cut, fabric texture and all over design as I could get to the original costume worn by the actor, given the fact that we were putting these on a small dog’s frame, which, of course, is slightly different from a human!” Heather also revealed that the Anchorman suit was her favorite from this set of canine costumes.

’70s puppy swag.
Photo: Heather Zweigel

The little doggy suits, in general, appear to have been a major highlight for Heather. When we asked her what aspect of the puppy wardrobe process she was most proud of, she said, “The fact that we were able to create actual suits for the dogs, some with little matching pants, vests and even neckties, is something I’m still amazed by.” So are we, Heather. So are we.

In order to assure you won’t miss one second of puppy #FASHUN, be sure to watch all the red carpet action on your TV and on with our Red Carpet Report hosted by Rachel Antonoff starting at 8:30 p.m. EST. Don’t worry, there’s a dedicated puppy cam, so if you want to look at puppies wearing clothes over and over again, you’ll be able to.

Until the red carpet kicks off, though, you can keep up with what’s going on with our behind-the-scenes cameras on All Access Live!

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