Drake Got A Weird Makeover From Jimmy Kimmel

Who is this guy?
Photo: ABC

In case you were worried that Drake’s comedic chops were a one-time fluke when he hosted Saturday Night Live, I guess you’ve never seen Degrassi. JK, I guess you haven’t yet watched Drake on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, where he took to the streets in a disguise to see what people really think about Drake.

While I’m not fully convinced he needed a disguise—I mean, none of these people recognized his voice, which is pretty distinct—he wore one that consisted of a dark chestnut version of Justin Bieber’s original floppy hair and a fluffy beard. For extra diversion he added some glasses and a multi-colored striped shirt, which totally transformed him from Drake to an i-banker with bad eyesight. Or one who pretends as much so he can wear glasses with thick frames.

Oh wait, it’s just Drake.
Photo: ABC

Most of these people do not like Drake, which is their loss cause the dude is funny. More humor for me to enjoy, I guess. Bye, haterz. Drake and I won’t miss you. He did find one fan, though, who still doesn’t realize who this bearded guy is until he loses the glasses, wig, and beard. Thanks for wearing that terrible wig for our enjoyment, Drizzy. Enjoy your champagne bath.

Which of Drake’s looks do you prefer: Makeover Drake or Original Drake?

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