Why Am I Just Now Finding Out About Taylor Kitsch's Jeans In 'The Normal Heart'?

Taylor Kitsch

Taylor Kitsch on the set of 'The Normal Heart.'
Photo: Getty Images

A few things before we jump into the JEANS. Have you heard about The Normal Heart yet? It's HBO's forthcoming original film about HIV/AIDS awareness in the '80s, based off the popular play of the same name and stars Julia Roberts, Mark Ruffalo, Jim Parsons, Matt Bomer, and Taylor Kitsch. If you've watched at least 15 minutes of Friday Night Lights in your lifetime, you are probably in love with Tim Riggins Taylor Kitsch. Me too. So why am I just finding out that the CROTCH of his jeans for The Normal Heart needed to be "ELONGATED"?!???!?!???!???!? *Googles film's premiere date, clears out schedule for May 25, gives many thanks that the following day is a holiday, allowing for a full 24 hours of recovery*

Recently, The Hollywood Reporter sat down with the film's four male leads for a very important conversation about Kitsch's crotch. Well, it started as a conversation about his wardrobe in general but quickly evolved (devolved depending on how not-fun you are). Kitsch revealed that he was bestowed a pair of never-worn Calvin Klein jeans circa 1980 for his character. Apparently, he reeeally loved them and would "wear them as many times as they would let [him]." Seemingly unprompted—though the background snickering from Parsons, Ruffalo, and Bomer would argue that everyone in the room was thinking the same thing—he brought his crotch (metaphorically) to the center of the conversation.

"I'm not flattering myself, but we had to get the crotch elongated—" he started, while Parsons quipped, "You just flattered yourself. There's no two ways about it." And Ruffalo chimed in, adding, "They put a pleat in it!" I'm sorry...what? This was filming as far back as last summer, and I'm just finding out about this NOW???

Worst of all, I've only been able to unearth ONE photo of Kitsch in jeans for the movie, and you can really only see the waistband, so it's basically useless. Is HBO holding out on showing us the goods (heh) until Normal Heart hits screens next month? It'd be a smart strategic move, but I don't think it's healthy OR prudent to leave me up to my own devices, imagining what this mystery "elongated crotch" looks like. Do the right thing, HBO. Pics, or it didn't happen.


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