Rita Ora Is Amazing At Walking

Rita Ora #werks.
Photo: Funny or Die

With all of her time spent on and around runways, Rita Ora is pretty much a pro at walking with ~style~. It makes sense, then, that walking is the focus of Rita’s new Funny or Die video, co-starring Korean pop star HyunA. We had no idea that Rita was skilled in so many walks, let alone that so many walks exist in this world. In the video, dubbed “Girl, You Better Walk,” Rita pulls out a whopping 10 different walks. SPOILER ALERT: Sadly, none of them were taught to her by RuPaul, the godfather of the catwalk, whose song “Super Model (You Better Work)” is name-checked in the clip’s title. Oh, what a video that would’ve been.

Rita Ora jumps while walking.
Photo: Funny or Die

Rita holds her own just fine, showing off her comedic side. Between acting, singing, modeling, and designing, is there anything this girl can’t do? With four different outfits ranging from a pink crop top and matching slit skirt to a pair of cutoffs with an embellished leather jacket, Rita delivers her walks to the soundtrack of “Whatcha Doin Today” by Hyuna’s K-Pop group 4Minute. We get to see her newspaper walk, angry walk, and literal cake walk. She also jumps (and lands) in pink stilettos, which is a skill she should 100% add to her resume.

HyunA collects diamonds while walking.
Photo: Funny or Die

Hyuna, who wears a mini leopard print dress and white athletic socks with gold heels and a cheerleader-inspired white dress with a fringed skirt, does her best to one-up Rita, but the pair work it out by the end, with Hyuna teaching Rita the moves to the video for “Whatcha Doin Today.” If Rita and Hyuna ever team up for a song, the video can just be them walking for four minutes. We’d watch it.

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