#TBT: MTV’s ‘Fashionably Loud’ Spring Break Performance Looks

Today is a magical day, one that only comes once or twice a year: a Thursday during spring break. Hello, perfect opportunity to #TBT pics from spring breaks past. As you’re probably aware, MTV has been hosting spring break events for years, including performances. What you may not know, though, is that during the late ’90s and early aughts, there was a show that married our two fave things—fashion and music. Spring-break editions of Fashionably Loud featured models showing off vacay fashions to live performances from the likes of Destiny’s Child, Jay Z, Missy Elliott, and more. We figured we’d get in the throwback Thursday game with six of our favorite looks from Fashionably Loud, most of which were totally inappropriate for the beach. Peep ’em all below!


Missy Elliott at MTV’s Spring Break in 2003.
Photo: Getty Images

It seems that Fashionably Loud was full of performers wearing things one wouldn’t normally pack for a beach vacation. I could be wrong, but I don’t think a furry Kangol hat is the first thing anyone would put in their bag for Miami. I’m not Missy Elliott, though, so what do I know?


Crazy Town at MTV’s Spring Break in 2001.
Photo: Getty Images

Remember Crazy Town? Yeah, I bet all that metal gets hot in the Cancun sun. Belt buckles aren’t typically a beach essential, but if you have a faux-Playboy Bunny buckle, what’re you gonna do, not wear it? LOL, yeah right.

50 CENT, MIAMI, 2003

50 Cent at MTV’s Spring Break in 2003.
Photo: Getty Images

Speaking of wearing pounds of metal to the beach, how’s it going, 50 Cent’s enormous medallion? Are you comfortable on top of Fiddy’s oversized Nets jersey that easily could be floor-length for someone under 5’5″? This is perhaps the baggiest outfit that has ever been worn on the beach.


Jay Z at MTV’s Spring Break in 2000.
Photo: Getty Images

Wait, JK, look at how big Jay Z’s shorts are. More important, look at his tiny legs sticking out from underneath them! At least Jay wears a fitted tank with his shorts—he knows it’s all about proportions.


*NSync at MTV’s Spring Break in 1999.
Photo: MTV

*NSync opted for the always beachy button-down shirt and khakis combo, one you would be hard-pressed not to see in Cancun. Adding to the tropical feel of the look are their white athletic socks and sneakers, which Lance and Chris pull off expertly.


Destiny’s Child at MTV’s Spring Break in 1999.
Photo: Getty Images

Wow. Back in the day when Destiny’s Child had four members, they also wore a lot of frayed denim. Beyonce and Michelle are wearing jeans in the ocean. I knew things got crazy on spring break, but I didn’t know they ever got this out of control.


Enrique Iglesias at MTV’s Spring Break in 1999.
Photo: MTV

Enrique Iglesias followed *NSync’s khaki trend, but opted for a more fitted pair. He also wore a beanie, which, I know, was such a ~thing~ in 1999, but you’re in Miami, Enrique! Leave your hats at home.

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