You Can Basically Text Beyonce's Hair Stylist Now For Personal Beauty Advice


Learn how to do Bey's hair for yourself.
Photos: Getty Images/Notorious

How many times have you been out shoe shopping or picking out your next hair color and thought to yourself, "Hmmm. I seriously need some professional help right now." Don't you wish there was a way to ask stylists for tips without paying those hefty booking fees? Oh wait—THERE IS. Thanks to a genius new app called Notorious, you can now posit questions to experts in everything from beauty to fashion to home decor with one text-like click of a button. And I do mean experts. Like Shakira's personal trainer. Or Rita Hazan, Beyonce, and Katy Perry's hair stylist. That's right—you now have direct access to the magic behind Bey and KP's impeccable manes. Thanks, technology!


Ask away!
Photos: Notorious

The whole process sounds a little too good to be true, but it's actually super easy. Here's the basic gist: You search for the area you need advice in (fitness, skincare, fashion, etc.), pick an expert, pay the established fee (anywhere between FREE and $10), and ask away! The fee covers your initial question PLUS five follow-up questions. You can also upload photos to send, so if you want to ask Rita Hazan if *this hair color right here* is something Beyonce would co-sign, she'll know what you're talking about. it worth it to buy this Chanel bag at full-price? Why doesn't my smoky eye look like Emma Watson's smoky eye? Bangs: Will I regret them? These are the important questions that now have *professional* answers for a minimal price. Go forth, download this glorious app (it's free, BTW), and ask away!

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