Nick Cannon Or Dennis Rodman: Who Wore Leopard-Print Hair Better?

Nick Cannon, Denins Rodman

Photos: Getty Images

Leopard-print hair is not an easy look to incorporate into daily life, but that didn't stop Nick Cannon and Dennis Rodman from trying. Cannon is the latest member of the close-cropped, leopard-print hair club. His initiation was two days ago. He joins founding member Dennis Rodman, who was known for sporting (get it?) the style in 1998.

Cannon revealed in his Instagram caption that the process took five hours, but, as we all know, looking swaggy takes time. His hair is longer and curlier than Dennis', so the spots aren't as obvious—they could just as easily pass for polka dots. Dennis' spots, on the other hand, are starkly contrasted against his short bleached hair.

Nicki Minaj

Third time's the charm.
Photos: Getty Images/Cash Money Records

We can't, of course, talk about animal-print hair without mentioning Nicki Minaj. Nicki has worn the look on three different occasions, all in different styles. She's worn only the sides printed, an all-over brown-and-orange print, and a similar print in black and brown. If Nick or Dennis want to try the look again at a different length, Nicki can definitely advise them—she's an expert.

Since Nicki has yet to shave her head, the competition boils down Nick and Dennis: Who wore leopard print hair better?

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