Fashion Math: Decoding More Of Lady Gaga’s Wardrobe

Lady Gaga has been hitting the town a TON recently—both for her history-making Roseland Ballroom residency and her 28th birthday. More Lady Gaga appearances means more Lady Gaga outfits. And more Lady Gaga outfits mean *drumrollllll* more installments of fashion math to break them down into simpler, more-digestible parts for the less ARTPOP-inclined! This round includes one custom Diane von Furstenberg catsuit, several platform booties, and a TON of House of Flora headgear and eyewear. Enjoy!

This DVF suit + Jim Carrey as The Riddler = this Lady Gaga outfit
Photo: Getty Images/Warner Bros. Pictures/Splash News

A fencer + the “Addicted to Love” video girls = this Lady Gaga outfit
Photo: BB Toy Store/Island Records/Splash News

Beanie Babies’ Eggbert + Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka = this Lady Gaga outfit
Photo: Ty/Warner Bros. Pictures/Splash News

A visor-wearing ajumma + ’Tron Evolution: The Video Game’ = this Lady Gaga outfit
Photo: Getty Images/Disney Interactive Studios/Splash News

Cher as an ice fairy = this Lady Gaga outfit
Photo: Getty Images/Splash News

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