What Is Going On In One Direction’s ‘That Moment’ Campaign?

Buy our perfume!
Photo: One Direction

OK, so as you probably know, One Direction is releasing a new fragrance in a matter of weeks (May 5th in the United States). That Moment is a follow-up to their first fragrance, Our Moment, and for some reason 100% unbeknownst to me, they made a five-minute film to promote the new scent. Like, obviously I’ll watch anything 1D-related (I have to, it’s my JOB, so…), but this is different than anything I’ve ever seen. Sure, the Our Moment ad was full of LOLs, but this is just…odd. We need to discuss. I don’t know what’s going on.

Meet Girolle.
Photo: One Direction

We are introduce to Girolle, a “fragrance photographer” with a very strong French accent and wears a metal and leather thong over leather pants.

Here’s Rochelle.
Photo: One Direction

Rochelle, a “fragrance visualization expert,” carries a drum on his side and has burning incense in hand. Together, we are told, they produce photographs that allow you to smell the fragrance. That is obviously untrue, so I’m not sure if this entire video is secretly (or not-so-secretly) about how campaigns for fragrances are silly? I really don’t know, but I also really don’t care, because this video produced the following images and, liiike, I only have so many devices that require backgrounds. How can I choose? JK, I’ve chosen.

Zayn as a seed.
Photo: One Direction

Zayn is required to act like a seed, which he is not very into.

Niall as an apple.
Photo: One Direction

Niall becomes an apple by putting his hands above his head. He could also be dancing to “YMCA.”

Yep, I’ll buy your perfume.
Photo: One Direction

Oh, then there’s this. The face of That Moment, everyone. JK, it’s the face of my phone’s wallpaper!

I could take better photos of you, 1D.
Photo: One Direction

In the end, the photos look like this, which I guess means Girolle is a fraud. Quelle horreur! Whether there will be a real That Moment commercial or not remains to be seen, but in the meantime you can watch the full-length film here.


Embedded from www.youtube.com.