Show Us Your #covermoment: March Edition

It's that time again! We're nearing the end of the month, which means it's time to spotlight the past 30 some-odd days' BEST #covermoment submissions. With the weather warming up and spring being officially here (warm temps coming later in some places than others... *achem* east coast can you hear me?), the beauty selfie game is similarly heating up and it's getting harder and harder to pick faves. Want to see your face here? Keep submitting your gorgeous mug with the hashtag for a chance to get it featured on and potentially MTV Style!



Photo via @brittneybabydoll

DEM BROWS! @Brittneybabydoll, you are giving Cara Delevingne a run for her money with those face-framing arches, girl. This selfie is a top-notch #covermoment: your skin is SUPER luminescent and flawless, your face is relaxed but not bored, your hair is enviably wild, and WOW, your baby blues pop with that minimal eye makeup.



Photo via @reklessbeauty

Welp. Liner lovers take notes. @Reklessbeauty is a PRO/QUEEN/MASTER. That winged eye look is the stuff of experts, nary a stroke is out of place even though it goes aaaaall the way around her eye. But it's not just her peepers, her lips are perfectly lined, too, and I can speak from experience that black lipstick is NO JOKE. #allthesmears I'm bowing down. You should probably do the same.



Photo via @beautiessxoxo

Ahh, the elusive full-body #covermoment. This is a tough one to pull off, but how BEAUTIFULLY is @dearbambi doing it here? Big ups to @beautiessxoxo pointing this out to us. Also, this is how you make blush the focal point of your makeup look without looking like a circus clown. *CLAPS*

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