This Is Lady Gaga's First Outfit As A 28-Year-Old

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LADA GAGA! I'm sure everyone will be celebrating in appropriate style tonight (glitter bombs, platform boots, scantily clad dancers, etc.), but Gaga decided to kick things off early by hitting the town last night, just ahead of her seven-night Roseland residency. One of her Little Monsters captured her late-night appearance via Instagram, and she was in FULL party mode. She happily danced while all her fans sang "Happy Birthday" and proudly announced, "I made it past 27!"—a somewhat morbid reference, perhaps, to the infamous 27 Club.

Since this is her golden birthday—meaning, as birthdays go, this one is a BFD—Gaga was dressed to the nines. She opted for an all-black ensemble (to represent the dark reality of her own mortality? Am I reaching?) consisting of a sheer patterned bodysuit, knee-high boots, a glittery eye mask, and huge lion mane-esque headpiece. Now, you probably have a few questions right now. Like: How could she see where she was going? Answer: birthday magic. And: Doesn't this getup look a tiny bit familiar? Answer: Yes! She wore a similarly outrageous headpiece to her first ever VMAs back in 2009, only at that time, it accompanied an all-white outfit. Our Mother Monster sure has come a long way since then, hasn't she? *tear*

Today, Gaga tweeted a link out to her fan's video, saying, "I love my fans best birthday ever." Awww! We love you, too! Here's to many, many more. HBD, BB.

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