Lauren Conrad Tests Out New Look: A Unibrow

Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad and The Beauty Department co-founder Kristin Ess try out unibrows.
Photo: @kristin_ess' Instagram

It seems like just yesterday that Lauren Conrad was gracing the cover of Allure and revealing her deepest beauty secrets (JK, it was two days ago!). One such secret involved one of LC's best assets—her hair, of course. "I can't remember the last time I didn't have extensions," she told the magazine. "Extensions are great. And they've come so far in the last few years." We read that and naturally assumed she was just talking about, y'know, the gorgeous hair on her head. But apparently Lauren likes her fake tresses to be pretty AND multifunctional...namely, doubling as makeshift unibrows.

Kristin Ess, celeb hairstylist and The Beauty Department co-founder, posted a hairy pic of herself and LC with the caption, "I refuse to waste a good extension scrap. #boldbrowsforspring." Bold brows, indeed! The gals were clearly in a silly mood (and let's be honest, are both kind of rocking the furry forehead), but we still have to give them kudos for trying out a fairly taboo beauty look. We have seen celebs go the way of the bleached eyebrow before (Miley, Beyonce, Kesha, etc.), and we certainly have celebs with currently chic bold eyebrows (Cara Delevingne, Lily Collins, Emma Watson, etc.). But straight-up unibrows? Still uncharted waters, my friends.

So kudos to Lauren Conrad for pioneering the fuzzy frontier! And double kudos for recycling!

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