Swimsuit Trends To Try This Spring Break

It might be hard to believe for those of us on the East Coast (currently 27 degrees Fahrenheit in NYC), but it's spring, y'all! Sure, there's all that "April showers" and "May flowers" stuff on the way, but the onset of the ~vernal equinox~ also means SPRANG BRAAAAYYYYYK (that's "Spring Break" said in the style of James Franco's Alien if that reference escaped you). In case you need a little inspiration to get you excited about the return of swimsuit season (albeit trusty, the classic triangle can get a little tired sometimes), here are some ideas.



Photos: Macy's

A swimwear spin on the crop top trend, a ruffled bikini adds a little extra volume to the top of a two-piece. Try it in a solid for a feminine look that isn't super precious or in a tiny, ditsy floral print if you're really into boho.

+ Hula Honey Ruffle Bikini: Top ($24, Macy's) and bottom ($24, Macy's)

+ California Waves Floral Bikini: Top ($24, Macy's) and bottom ($24, Macy's)



Photos: Macy's

Cut outs aren't a super-new trend but are working their way into swimwear ubiquity. They're cute, but can sometimes give weird tan lines. A subtle laddering detail or even a metal U-ring at the middle of a bandeau should get you the look without the worry.

+ Hobie Printed Cutout Bikini: Top ($36, Macy's) and bottom ($34, Macy's)

+ Roxy Bandeau Bikini: Top ($50, Macy's) and bottom ($38, Macy's)



Photos: Macy's

Finally, there's fringe. This is definitely the newest and most risky of the swim trends, but it's not that far off from the ruffled suits if you really think about it. Plus, it's just really fun to play with.

Raisins Fringe Bikini: Top ($36, Macy's) and bottom ($36, Macy's)

Bikini Lab Fringe Ombre Bikini: Top ($40, Macy's) and bottom ($36, Macy's)

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