Justin Bieber Or Harry Styles: Who Wore Throwback Calvin Klein Better?

Justin Bieber, Harry Styles

Who wore the throwback CK look best: Justin Bieber or Harry Styles?Photo: @justinbieber's Instagram/Getty Images

Back in the day, Calvin Klein was known more for its raunchy, black-and-white underwear ads and logos than the clean lines and sleek silhouettes that earn praise today. Even though the brand spearheaded the minimalism movement, they got more attention in the early '90s for tapping Marky Mark (aka Mark Wahlberg) to model underwear alongside Kate Moss. Perhaps that era was on the minds of Harry Styles and Justin Bieber when they got dressed yesterday. Amazingly, both heartthrobs wore throwback CK looks. Granted, all-things-'90s have been a trend for quite some time now, but it’s pretty extraordinary that these two chose the same moment in the logo-obsessed decade to revive.

Did CK put word out of some top-secret audition to commemorate the 23rd anniversary of Marky Mark’s ads? Because it looks like Justin Bieber is trying out for one in his recent Instagram. Not only is he wearing CK underwear with the waistband proudly on display, Biebs is striking a pose fit for Marky Mark’s iconic ads. Shirt unbuttoned, abs out, and hands behind your head is the ultimate '90s male-model move and just look at his perfectly coiffed Jason Priestley/Brandon Walsh hair.

Meanwhile, Harry Styles went with a more demure CK look: a hoodie emblazoned with the brand’s vintage logo. Styles accessorized with an Alexander McQueen skull scarf, which he wore as a sweatband—a very '90s OR Keith Richards move, your pick—and simple black jeans. TBH, it’s pretty appropriate for Styles to reference Marky Mark since Wahlberg got his start as the frontman of a pop group (terribly named the Funky Bunch) before modeling and getting into acting. Does Styles have modeling and acting aspirations that will soon be revealed? Sure, that's a REALLY far jump to make from the dude just wearing a sweatshirt, but who REALLY knows?

And yes, we're aware we're adding another difficult question to the pile, but we've gotta ask. Who wore the throwback CK look better: Bieber or Styles? DISCUSS!


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