Fashion Math: Decoding Lady Gaga’s Latest Outfits

You might not be aware, but Lady Gaga likes to dress a little ~outrageously~ once in a while. I know, it’s SHOCKING news, but now you know. In the past three days alone, her street style has involved more costume changes than the average pop star’s entire world tour. Does she just have racks of clothes and platform boots hidden all over the city/world? Or does she pull a Superman and speedily switch outfits in telephone booths? Therein lies the enigmatic magic of Mother Monster’s style.

In an attempt to bring human logic to Lady Gaga’s recent sartorial choices—I know that seems impossible, but just bear with me—we decided to turn each outfit into a simple mathematical equation. So without further ado, here is the “fashion math” of Gaga’s street style.

Eliza Doolittle + Liberace = this Lady Gaga outfit.Photo: Getty Images

Silver Surfer + a reflective car shade = this Lady Gaga outfit.Photo: Getty Images/Careyou/Splash News

Rihanna in her ’Hard’ music video + a chemist = this Lady Gaga outfit.Photo: Def Jam Music/Getty Images

Queen Elizabeth II + a snowboarder = this Lady Gaga outfit.Photo: Getty Images/Splash News

Macy Gray in 2000 + Paris Hilton in 2008 = this Lady Gaga outfit.Photo: Getty Images/Splash News

Falkor from ’The NeverEnding Story’ = this Lady Gaga outfit.Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures/Splash News

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