Happy Nike Air Max Day: What's Your Air Max Story?

Nike Air Max

The Bootiful Air Max 90
Photo: MTV Style

Today is Nike's inaugural Air Max Day, according to me! Just kidding, it's according to Nike. The company released their original Air Max sneaker on this day in 1987, see. And they've become such a mainstay, such a lamppost, such an icon, such a celebrated piece of air, such a timeless beaut', see, that the time for official celebration is NOW. And forevermore.

On a more personal note, the Air Max 90 changed EVERYTHING for me.

Somewhere in the cobwebbed corners of my parents' basement exists a VHS tape with evidence of my fifth grade dance recital thingy. I'm dancing with the cutest chap in school to Marky Mark & the Funky Bunch's "Good Vibrations," wearing my beloved Air Max 90s with pink accents. I hand-picked those sweet babes in big city Halifax thanks to a $100 gift certificate I won for drawing a picture. (The picture was of a Bart Simpson-looking dude dancing to music notes floating from his boom box, dressed in high tops, ripped jean shorts and a tank top. He has one hand on his crotch and the other behind his head.) Point is, I loved those sneakers, and they made me feel infinitely cool, so I wore those f*****s until they went to pieces. Like, I specifically remember examining the air bubble in its purest form, dangling from the sole. The Air Max 90s were the shoe that made my sneaker obsession become REAL.

Nike Air Max

Variety Pack. Clockwise from top left: Air Max 95, Air Max 180, Air Max 97, Air Max BW
Photo: Nike

Now, a bunch of years later, the Air Max in its various incarnations is a mainstay of the shoe world. If they've touched your toesies in any way, you've got an opinion and a fave. Love the '95 overhaul? The original '87? ALL OF THEM EQUALLY? These kicks are steeped in nostalgia and good vibes; it shall be declared that all your opinions are valid and warmly embraced.

To celebrate this inaugural Air Max Day, Nike partnered with Asos to host the first-ever shoppable Google+ hangout this morning, with stylists and fashion peeps chatting about the sneaker's long history. You can watch the full hangout now to quell your FOMO.

If you've ever owned your own pair(s) of Air Max, you've got a story, and I'd love to hear it. OY LOIKES STOR-EES.


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