The Season Finale Of 'Teen Wolf' Had Double Stiles Style

That's all for this season of Teen Wolf? I don't mean all as in, like, "I needed more" kind of way (I really didn't), but more in a "What am I going to watch on Mondays?" way. Last night's episode was so full of ~action~ that it barely had time to acknowledge Allison's death. That's a lot of action!

The plot, of course, centered around the quest to destroy Evil Stiles and the crew of Oni he was now leading. I'll be the first to admit that I'm all for 2 x's the Stiles on my screen, but even I was like, "OK, Evil Stiles, you have got to go. BAI." Aside from all the killing and maiming, Stiles and Evil Stiles are actually quite similar—especially sartorially! Did Evil Stiles raid normal, dreamboat Stiles' closet? Let's take a look!

Teen Wolf

Will the real Stiles please stand up?Photo: MTV

If you haven't seen the episode, would you be able to tell which one was evil? Evil Stiles (on the right) is dressed in an outfit you could totally imagine regular ol' Stiles dressed in, right? Just, like, darker. Hooded T-shirts, corduroy jackets, and layers are wardrobe staples. How did his evil twin get a hold of those clothes? Sheriff Stilinski, you should probably be a little more alert if a random boy is rooting around your son's closet. You're a cop—just sayin'. I know Void Stiles is responsible for mass destruction and chaos in Beacon Hills, but he looks like the Stiles we know and love, so it's kinda hard to hate him, TBH. (JK, I DO!)

Teen Wolf

Friends dressing alike.Photo: MTV

Despite dressing exactly as his former host, Evil Stiles is also decked out like his new buds, the Oni. He doesn't have a mask on, but he's a leader now and he has to dress like one, which means dark colors exclusively.

Teen Wolf

For real in flannel.Photo: MTV

Real Stiles, on the other hand, is dressed in his fave red plaid shirt. He's worn it before (though he wasn't as pale then), so it, too, is a Stilinksi staple.

The good news is: In the end, Evil Stiles was defeated. The bad news is: Now we only get one Dylan O'Brien per episode. Based on the episode's final sequence, season four, which begins June 23, will be full of new enemies and mind games, so we have a lot to look forward to. See you in June, Teen Wolf!


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