Got You Covered: Teen Wolf Season Finale Nail Art

AHHH! Tonight is the Teen Wolf season finale! It’s hard to believe that we only have one episode left after last week’s gut-wrenching farewell to Allison Argent, but those are just the facts. To bide your time while you’re re-watching this season (it’s marathoning on MTV RIGHT NOW), we’ve drawn up a quick and easy nail art tutorial for you to show off your supreme fandom and carry a piece of the #WolfPack with you even after the season ends. Let’s get to it!


Photo: MTV/Tannis Spencer

Start by painting your two base coats. For this particular look, you’ll want to paint your thumb and ring fingers with COVERGIRL Outlast Stay Brilliant nail polish in Black Diamond and the rest of your digits with Snow Storm.


Photo: MTV/Tannis Spencer

With a teeny-tiny nail art brush, take the Black Diamond and outline a half moon shape on your white nails. Don’t worry too much about whether the lines are the same thickness or not, you’ll end up painting over them. Just make sure the half moon shape near your cuticle is relatively smooth. Pro tip: Maybe don’t chug a cup of coffee before you attempt this nail look. #oops


Photo: MTV/Tannis Spencer

Fill in the tips of those nails with Black Diamond. Step back and admire your classy ode to wolverines and full moons.


Photo: MTV/Tannis Spencer

With a thin, angled nail art brush, paint a dainty arrow on your ring finger with COVERGIRL’s silvery Show Stopper shade. An homage to Allison is only right for this finale.


Photo: MTV/Tannis Spencer

Using Snow Storm and Show Stopper, paint “TEEN WOLF” in all caps on your thumbs with the teeny tiny brush. But make sure you clean the black polish off that brush before you do that. Or have a very nice friend do it for you. (Thanks, Tannis!)


Photo: MTV/Tannis Spencer

Finally, make sure all your hard work stays in place with a quick swipe of COVERGIRL’s Crystal Clear top coat.


Photo: MTV/Tannis Spencer

Ta-da! You’ve got a sleek, simple Teen Wolf manicure!

Not sure what to do about your other hand if you’re not quite ambidextrous? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered there, too. (And you barely have to use your hands!)


Photo: MTV/Tannis Spencer

Cover the skin surrounding your nail bed with some transparent tape, making sure to press the tape in close to your nail to seal off any bubbles.


Photo: MTV/Tannis Spencer

Dip a plastic drinking straw into a bottle of Ever Reddy and shake off any excess polish. Using quick short breaths, blow out the polish onto the nails you want to look ~blood-splattered~. Make sure your hand is laying on a surface you don’t mind getting paint splattered on—this step is messy.


Photo: MTV/Tannis Spencer

Peel off the tape, and voilá! The easiest/creepiest manicure you’ve ever had!

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