Miley Cyrus Or Wayne Coyne: Who Wore Metallic Blue Better?

Miley Cyrus, Wayne Coyne

Miley stole Wayne's look.
Photo: Miley Cyrus' Twitter/@waynewontpostpicsofnakedwomen Instagram

If you had told me a year ago that Miley Cyrus' biggest influence would be the psychedelic rock band the Flaming Lips, I would have laughed in your face. But a lot has changed in the past year, hasn't it? Miley has become twice as theatrical, gotten way edgier with her music, and seriously upped the ante when it comes to her live performances. In other words, she's becoming more and more like Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne every day. So it only makes sense that she would (a) record a song with him ("Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds," to be precise), and (b) totally rip off his personal style (knowingly).

Wayne has pretty much mastered the art of flamboyant wardrobes, wearing everything from silver tinsel wings to dresses seeped in fake blood during his concerts. All of his outfits are pretty amazing, but Miley seems to be a fan of one ensemble in particular—the blue iridescent suit and moon boots he performed in a few months ago. Miley posted a pic of herself on Twitter wearing a similarly shiny trench coat with the caption, "B**** stole your look @waynecoyne." Then, to make her intentions even clearer, she immediately posted another picture of Wayne's original look, only with her face photoshopped over his.

Miley totally made the look her own, wearing frayed jean shorts instead of coordinating blue pants and adding a pair of awesome peace-sign sunglasses. Wayne was clearly going for a more Ziggy Stardust vibe, what with his snug tailoring and moon boots and all. So, who pulled off the metallic look better? PERSONALLY, I'm siding with #TeamWayne, only because I feel like Miley would completely agree with me. She has clearly found herself a new mentor/bestie in the music world, and I think she would easily join me in bowing down to Wayne's OG style.

What do you think? Is Wayne's fashion sense completely irreplaceable, or did Miley give a proper style homage?

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