Questions I Have About Rita Ora's 'Paper' Interview

Rita Ora

Rita Ora on the cover of 'Paper.'
Photo: Paper Magazine

Rita Ora's brand new Paper Magazine cover (for their "Beautiful People Issue," because duh) might just have to get framed and put on my nightstand. In fact, the entire photo spread is pretty stellar, from lace dresses to a seriously epic Dolce & Gabbana crown. The interview with Rita's BFF Nick Grimshaw also showed off her fun and adorkable side, but the usually loquacious star was a little bit guarded on a few select topics. IDK about you, but I was personally left with some lingering questions that I need to bring to the table.

1. Wait. What is Naomi Campbell REALLY like??

Rita semi-jokes about being besties with Naomi Campbell, divulging that the supermodel served as her impromptu mentor during Milan Fashion Week. But after talking Naomi up, Rita tells Grimshaw, "She was being major, but you know what that's like. I'll talk to you about it later when we're not being recorded." Ummm...what?? C'mon Rita, we want all the Noxzema-wearing deets! But also, good for you for not being a gossip monger. (I guess. Sigh.)

Rita Ora

Rita Ora in Alexander Wang for 'Paper.'
Photo: Paper Magazine

2. Did Prince revisit his New Girl cameo and give Rita a fashion makeover?

When Prince guest starred on New Girl a few weeks ago, the greatest moment was undoubtedly when he dressed Zooey Deschanel using clothes from his own closet. So, when Rita revealed that she collaborated with His Royal Badness for her next album, I naturally wondered if she got a similar makeover. And if she did, can we please get some montage footage up in here?

3. Where's the photographic evidence of Nick Grimshaw wearing Rita's dress?

At one point in the interview, Nick and Rita start to reminisce about hanging out at Coachella one year (in Frank Sinatra's former house, as one does). Amidst the nostalgia, Nick then drops this bomb: "Yeah, there's a picture of me in one of your body-con dresses with one of Frank Sinatra's lampshades on my head." I mean, you can't just tease us with that image and then NOT show us that picture. I can't handle the cruelty.

Rita Ora

Rita Ora in Dior for 'Paper.'
Photo: Paper Magazine

4. Is Rita going to wear that Dior outfit in 50 Shades Of Grey?

Between the photos of crowns and couture, Rita slips into something much more revealing for some of the spread's shots—a Dior coat and shoes, a black bra top...and that's where the list ends. So is this a sign of things to come for her upcoming role in 50 Shades Of Grey? I know her character isn't in the forefront of the *achem* risque plot, but I'm pretty sure no one would complain if this was her costume for the entire movie.

5. Can Keeping Up With The Oras please actually happen?

Rita's mom sounds kind of amazing. She's clearly very loving and wonderful, but she is also honest to the point of hilarity (like telling Rita to shut up or Nick that his outfit looks stupid.) In other words, she would be a great reality TV star! Nick suggested the Oras have their own Kardashian-esque show, and I only kind of laughed because I would really like that to be a thing.

These are the questions that keep me up at night. Send help.

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