Adidas Neo Announces Editing Free-For-All For Justin Bieber's Commercial

Justin Bieber

Playing guitar, wearing drop-crotch sweatpants. Justin Bieber knows how to live.
Photo: Adidas NEO

Paging all aspiring ad people/Beliebers: your chance at the big time just arrived. Justin Bieber and Adidas NEO have announced that you can put together Bieber's Spring 2014 campaign video yourself. The best part? Justin will watch and personally choose the winner. I hope he likes the one I designed—it's just 57-seconds of him winking at the camera. Swaggy.

Adidas has provided a pretty sophisticated editing program for all your Bieber Neo commercial needs. They've provided some environment shots—backstage, an empty hallway, a dressing room, etc.—to help set the mood. But, IMHO, who cares about ~ambiance~ when there are also 15 short clips of JB doing things and 10 longer ones of him doing MORE things? NO ONE. Watch him twirl drumsticks for 21 seconds. Peep him walking and smiling for 11. Chuckle to yourself at his drop-crotch sweatpants for six to eight minutes. The combinations you can create are abundant. The amusement you'll get is endless.

Justin Bieber

Pop that collar, JB.
GIF: Adidas NEO Tumblr

Once your masterpiece is finished, you share it with the world and, hopefully, Justin himself. If he picks it, your video will be the official campaign video and you'll be able to send the link to everyone you know. If not, you still got to watch and re-watch those clips which, TBH, isn't such a bad consolation prize.


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