Miley Cyrus Adds Ashish To Bangerz Tour Wardrobe

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus performing in Ashish on the Bangerz Tour.
Photo: @ashish_uk Instagram

By now it’s starting to become easier to count the designers Miley Cyrus isn’t wearing on her Bangerz Tour than the ones she is. We’ve seen her in designs by The Blonds, Jeremy Scott, Marc Jacobs, and Roberto Cavalli, and it’s only been a month since the tour kicked off. To put her ever-expanding wardrobe into perspective, that’s nearly as many designers as Beyonce’s worn for her Mrs. Carter Show—and THAT'S on its 11th month of touring.


Looks from the Ashish Spring 2014 collection.
Photo: Getty Images

Last night in New Orleans, Miley unveiled another new outfit, this time by the sparkle-obsessed UK label Ashish. You might recall seeing Miley in their clothes before: She wore a glittering ripped denim jacket and matching jeans of theirs with a bikini top and cowgirl hat for her unforgettable Unplugged set. Fittingly, the sequined plaid shirt Miley debuted last night was initially paired on the runway with that very denim ensemble. But for her NOLA show, Miley matched it to a pair of sequined plaid shorts also shown in Ashish’s Spring 2014 show and finished off her look with white platform boots. Sadly, Miley didn’t try out the matching striped hair that accompanied the runway looks. Miley, if you’re listening, there’s always next time!

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