First Look: One Direction's That Moment Perfume Ad

One Direction

One Direction's That Moment ad.
Photo: Eden Parfums

Who here wants to smell like creamy musk and cucumbers? Anyone? What if I told you that Harry Styles wants you to smell like that? Probably changes your answer, right? Well, as it turns out...he does. All of One Direction does, in fact, which is why they added those *unique* smells to their upcoming That Moment fragrance line (in addition to cedarwood, violet, and "sparkling tangerine"—yum!). We already knew the line would build on their previous scent, the already successful Our Moment, AND that the perfume bottle would resemble a pink diamond wearing a crown. But the promise of creamy musk is certainly news to us—as is their dreamy, just-released print ad.

The ad features all five 1D dudes wearing identical black jackets and moussed hair. They all are all staring dreamily into our eyes...except for Zayn, who is looking longingly off to the side. (First of all, #rebel. Second, what could have possibly enraptured him so? Maybe he saw a picture of me off-camera and couldn't look away. Yep, that's probably it.) The guys' mugs are set in front of their ~snazzy~ pink diamond bottle, but who really came here to look at that anyway?

But hold up a second...don't these moody headshots look a tad bit familiar? Well, they should. It appears that 1D decided to use the exact same pics from their individual GQ covers that came out last year. Way to subtly promote recycling, boys! Somebody send them a Nobel Peace Prize pronto.

Look for That Moment to hit stores in early May. Until then, let's just all have sweet dreams about cucumbers and Zayn gazing straight into our souls.

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