Sisters Haim Show Off Their Individual Styles For ‘Marie Claire’

Haim for ’Marie Claire.’
Photo: Marie Claire

I know Haim is strictly a trio, but that doesn’t keep me from wishing I could sing back-up or play the tambourine for them. I think our lack of shared genes might be a problem, sadly, but a girl can dream. The band of talented sisters has us all hooked with their stream of infectious hits and even more infectious fashion sense. Their penchant for vintage-rock style shows up in everything from music videos (most recently in “If I Could Change Your Mind“) to magazine spreads, and Haim’s new fashion profile for Marie Claire is no exception. The trio’s leather-and-lace persona is on full display, but we also get to see each member’s individual style—a distinction that anyone with a sister can certainly appreciate.

Alana Haim for ’Marie Claire.’
Photos: Marie Claire

Alana, aka BabyHaim, is quirky and playful (classic younger sibling, amirite?) and shows slightly more skin than her sisters. She wears a checkered Ralph Lauren minidress in her first solo shot, paired with pointed Fendi sunglasses and, naturally, a giant soft pretzel. She strikes another fun pose in a coordinating Salvatore Ferragamo ensemble—jacket, pleated skirt, and bra top—along with high-top boots and a different pair of jagged sunnies.

Danielle Haim for ’Marie Claire.’
Photos: Marie Claire

Next comes Danielle, the lead singer who proves that middle sisters don’t always have to have Jan Brady Syndrome. She’s certainly more sartorially reserved than her little sis, but don’t be fooled—she is ALL about the sneakily edgy details. Just check out the black sequins on her otherwise classic Prada coat. Or the studded, lace-up sides of her white Isabel Marant capris. Danielle, as a middle sister myself, I thank you for making us all look so cool.

Este Haim for ’Marie Claire.’
Photos: Marie Claire

Finally, we have big sis Este, the group’s bassist and requisite blonde. She oozes quiet confidence and maturity in every single picture—just check out her straightforward pose in her solo shot. Her floral Marc Jacobs skirt is paired with INTENSE Doc Martens, which makes me think Este could either pass as a librarian or a bounty hunter. Maybe it just depends on what her mood is that day?

Oh, and in case you were wondering how a group of sisters could go three for three in the impeccable personal style department, it’s literally in their genes. According to the girls, their mother “wore blue velvet Donna Karan jumpsuits and taught them guitar using Joni Mitchell’s oeuvre” when they were little. Ummm, coolest mom ever.

Check out Marie Claire for all of Haim’s photos and interview.

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