Miley Cyrus Breaks Out Two New Roberto Cavalli Looks On Bangerz Tour

Bangerz Tour, Roberto Cavalli, Miley Cyrus

Roberto Cavalli's Bangerz Tour sketches.
Photo: Roberto Cavalli

Miley Cyrus is beginning to rival Beyonce in ever-changing onstage outfits. Over the weekend in Milwaukee, she debuted a new leotard and a jacket made from stuffed animals. A mere two days later, in Dallas, she broke out two new Roberto Cavalli looks. We knew to expect some Cavalli on this tour—he shared his sketches in January—but we didn't know we would get TWO in the same night. Miley, you're spoiling us.

First up was a black, sequined jumpsuit, complete with sheer inserts. Beyonce wore a similar dress version earlier this year, so maybe these two are sharing secrets about wearing Cavalli and bringing one billion outfits on tour? (We can dream, OK.) One note: Miley didn't accessorize the way Cavalli imagined her to. There's no necklace or baseball cap in sight in her final stage ensemble, but it still #WERKS. Like, very well.

Miley also debuted a sparkly, cheetah-print jacket, shorts, and bra. Though there are many animals incorporated in her show, this is the first animal print to make its way into Miley's Bangerz wardrobe. While she has worn a lot of sequins, leotards, and feathers, her print game thus far has been pretty low-key (with one glaring exception). As with the jumpsuit, Miley didn't accessorize quite as the sketch suggested, but considering how much this outfit has going on, she doesn't really need a huge gold chain, IMHO.

Four new looks in under a week? I'm not opposed. At all.

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