Did Pharrell Williams Hint At Comme Des Garcons Fragrance On 'Aerosol Can'?


Pharrell is teaming up with Comme des Garcons.
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Pharrell Williams, the great collaborator, has just added another joint project to his résumé: a unisex fragrance with Comme des Garcons. From Daft Punk to BAPE, he has a knack for bringing established entities into his creative ecosystem and helping bring forth a beautiful, refreshing take on something you already loved. But he's more than just the ultimate remix artist; his collaborative projects are so wildly successful because of his ability to marry his own original creative sensibilities with a keen eye for curation—he knows precisely the best elements of a sound or an aesthetic to elevate. For all of the above reasons, we're SO excited about this forthcoming scent. The only thing we're disappointed about is: We sort of feel like we should have seen this coming.

No, we're not, like, ~in the cut~ with P, hanging with him and his life-size Kaws figurines in Miami. But we did know he was working on a fragrance. AND we've been stewing on his last verse on Major Lazer's "Aerosol Can" since it dropped early last month. Not sure how that's relevant? Pharrell lyrically puffs up his chest with a series of rhymes that drop the usual suspects—his own BBC and Icecream lines as well as Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton, with whom he collabed on sunglasses and jewelry—but it's the unexpected names we couldn't get out of our heads: Comme des Garcons and "Alber," we're assuming, as in Lanvin's Alber Elbaz.

Your nerves ain't there for a big dude on

Stompin' that a** until you gone

Hoping that you make it home with yo' shoes on

While I’m touring these booties, scoring these movies

I know that I made it when I’m chilling with Stewie

Ask Marc Jacobs what I did for Louis

Sunglasses, campaign and jewelry

Ask Alber how he really wanna use me

Comme des Garcon, ain’t using it loosely

Look at yo' forehead, sweating profusely

VERY interesting stuff. Given that the CdG mention here turned into a major announcement, we also have to wonder whether there's something more brewing between P and Elbaz—more than those red carpet shorts, that is. Only time will tell!

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