Allison And Kira Matched In Leather Accents On Last Night’s ‘Teen Wolf’

Kira and Allison on ’Teen Wolf.’
Photo: MTV

Umm, is everyone recovered from last night’s Teen Wolf? Liiike, what is going on? Between all the blood, flies, and Stiles vomiting up used bandages, my eyes were closed for, like, 50% of the episode. Luckily they were wide open when Kira and Allison wore matching leather sleeves! Are they communicating telepathically now? Let’s discuss.

First of all, how awesome were these two last night? Yeah, their jackets were on point, but also, uh, they helped save all these nogitsune-possessed men from themselves. Big up, Kira and Allison. Second of all, they both looked really good while doing so. It’s not an easy task, but they managed AND triumphed!

Kira and Allison on ’Teen Wolf.’
Photo: MTV

Allison’s red plaid jacket was outfitted with leather sleeves and paired well with both a crossbow and a sword. Kira’s army-green canvas jacket also looked great with both weapons, but looked even better in movement, like when she was, NBD, saving Isaac from burning down the school/killing one of the twins/etc. She also upped her accessory game with a black beanie, which was not the focal point of her look, but gave the entire thing a, y’know, stealthy, special agent kind of feel.

I have a feeling they didn’t discuss wearing matching looks—no time, nogitsune to destroy—but both were like, “Hmm, what can I wear to make me look totally badass while fighting demons? Ah! Leather sleeves.” If I’m ever faced with a similar scenario, I know what I’ll undoubtedly choose to wear.

If you’re into fashion, matching style, and/or a lot of blood, this episode is for you. Watch it below!


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