Lauren Conrad Shows Off Shorter 'Do

Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad with her new and old hair.
Photos: Getty Images

In the YouTube hair tutorial circles that I run in, Lauren Conrad is a hair god. She was the OG of braided bangs, showing off her braiding skills on The Hills. She was riding the ombre train way before it was a ~thing~, she dabbled in "Bardot bangs" and pink tips last spring, and, generally, she just has totally enviable, beachy waves. As an expert in all things related to LC's hair, imagine my complete shock when, yesterday, she debuted a shorter and sleeker new 'do! So long, curling iron. Welcome back, flat iron. If Lauren is into straight hair, I'm into straight hair (JK, but not really).

Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad in her own designs.
Photos: @laurenconrad Instagram

Lauren showed off her new hair yesterday at an event for Malibu Rum. Her appearance provided the perfect opportunity for her to merge her role as spokesperson for Malibu and as designer for not one but two labels. She wore pieces from her Paper Crown and LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl's lines, which is very #meta. Lauren Conrad wearing Lauren Conrad designs to a Lauren Conrad event? I can't.

Lauren Conrad

One of Lauren Conrad's engagement photos.
Photos: Lauren Conrad

Of course, designing, acting as spokesperson, writing, and having perfect hair aren't the only things LC has going on in her life these days—she's got a wedding to plan, too. While she hasn't been spilling many deets on her plans yet, Lauren has been updating her blog with weddings tips, like how to find the perfect dress, who to invite, and more. One thing she has shared, though, is an engagement photo in which she looks very happy and her hair, obviously, looks perfect.


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