A Forever 21 x NBA Collaboration Primer: Know Who You're Wearing

Today, Forever 21 released their collaboration collection with the NBA. From loose layering tanks to teeny mesh shorts, cropped short-sleeved jerseys to easy T-shirt dresses, the range features sporty but still feminine pieces repping seven of the league's teams: the L.A. Lakers and Clippers, the New York Knicks, the Brooklyn Nets, the Boston Celtics, the Miami Heat, and the Chicago Bulls. Most of the items are free of player affiliations by way of names and numbers, but there are a few special cases.

IDK about you, but I generally like to know at least a little about what I'm wearing before I step out into the world repping it, so if you feel the same and need some schooling in the NBA history department, I'm here to help. Consider this your Forever 21 x NBA collection primer.


Dennis Rodman

Forever 21's Dennis Rodman dress.
Photo: Forever 21/Getty Images

Thanks to Miley Cyrus, Mike Will Made It, and their "23" ode to Michael Jordan and his namesake shoes, '90s-era Chicago Bulls gear is cooler than ever (well, since the actual '90s, anyway). Naturally, that solidified their spot in this collab line, but instead of showcasing the team's current star, #1 Derrick Rose, a Bulls dress ($16) AND a bodysuit ($14) feature The Worm, #91 Dennis Rodman. Rodman is definitely one of the greats and certainly one of the most fashion-forward NBA players, maybe ever, so this is a good pick for the edgier/nostalgic NBA fan.


Blake Griffin

Forever 21's Blake Griffin tank top.
Photo: Forever 21/Getty Images

Not to dock the Clippers franchise, but the acquisition of #3 Chris Paul and #32 Blake Griffin ushered in a renaissance for the other L.A. team. (Can you tell I'm a Lakers fan or nah?) Power forward Griffin in particular has been a driving force in rebuilding the brand of the team, as well. Thus, he becomes the only current player lauded in the F21 x NBA collection and the only one explicitly name-checked via the back of this tank top ($14).


Christian Eyenga

Forever 21's Christian Eyenga bodysuit.
Photo: Forever 21/Getty Images

And then there's this bodysuit ($14). The Lakers are a franchise steeped in history, boasting a long, LONG list of all-time greats: Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic Johnson, KOBE BRYANT (don't mind the caps, just my personal fave, NBD). There's a laundry list of players and their respective numbers, all carrying the weight of one of the NBA's most winningest teams, that could have been featured here. Who got the F21 glory in the end? #88, Christian Eyenga. Doesn't ring a bell? Hmm, that's weird because he played on the team so recently! From March 15, 2012 to August 10, 2012 to be exact.

Yep, that Lakers bodysuit displays the number of a dude who was on the team for a grand total of five months! Sure it's weird, but doesn't knowing that and understanding the humor in it kind of make you want to buy it even more??

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