‘Oops,’ Demi Lovato Just Shaved Her Head

Photos:@ddlovato Instagram

The Neon Lights Tour just got cray—Demi Lovato buzzed off some of her hair, y’all. Demi has always played around with her hair, from bright blue to bright pink tresses and, like, everything in between, so we’re used to seeing Demi with a new ’do on a pretty frequent basis. What we weren’t expecting, though, was for her next hair move to be sheering it off. And it’s not just a tiny part above her ear—it’s a CHUNK, and it’s cut very close.

She Skrillexed herself.
Photos: @ddlovato Instagram

While the first image she posted was, like, alarming, the second revealed that she Skrillexed herself, taking off a few inches above her left ear. The rest of her hair is still pink with noticeable (yet perfect) roots, but there are definitely plenty of strands to be mourned. Goodbye, beautiful pink hair, we barely knew ye.

Possible foreshadowing?
Photos: @ddlovato Instagram

If we were psychics, we would’ve realized that Demi was foreshadowing the drastic move last week when she posted a picture of herself with a braided undercut. Alas, we thought she was just admiring the style and not actually, y’know, experimenting with how the cool breeze would feel against her scalp.

Demi is the first celeb in a while to take the plunge—the last one we can remember is Avril Lavigne, and that was almost two years ago. Will Demi’s new ’do inspire a 2014 resurgence of the trend? We’ll be practicing our braiding in the meantime—we’re not ready to say bai to any of our hair for real (yet).

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