This Infographic Of The Best Actress Winners' Oscar Dresses Is Awesome

Oscar Dresses

Every dress worn by Best Actress Academy Awards winners.
Photo: Mediarun Digital

Best Actress Oscar winners are kind of like the prom queens of Hollywood's high school hierarchy, so what they wear during their crowning moments is obviously a huge deal. That's why we can't get enough of this AMAZING infographic by Mediarun Digital. They decided to create a definitive timeline of every award winners' dress since the first Academy Awards back in 1929, and the result is pretty amazing. Like...can we get this baby in physical poster form?

Each gown has a freehand feel to it, making the pic look like it was pulled straight out of a designer's sketchbook (*bows down to OG artist*). It also kind of serves as a one-stop shop for Oscars Fashion History 101. Most notably, you can totally see the way style has evolved from decade to decade ('sup, crazy '80s?).

There are also some random little factoids the pic brings up. For example, Joanne Woodward's dress designer is listed as "unknown." That's because SHE MADE IT HERSELF. It reportedly cost the actress around $100, making it the most inexpensive, badass dress ever.

Also, Katharine Hepburn won the Best Actress award on FOUR separate occasions, but she doesn't have any dresses represented in the pic. She only attended the event one time in her life—in 1974 as a presenter (and she wore an extremely casual pantsuit, because of course).

Trivia geeking out aside, this image is mostly just getting us even more pumped for tonight's Oscars broadcast. We can't wait to see which dress will have to get added to the timeline in just a few hours.


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